An artificial intelligence company that provides solutions by processing large sets of visual data and delivering products that make companies smarter.

Our Technology

Leveraging machine and deep learning, we have developed state of the art algorithms in computer vision that can be deployed and adapted to almost any domain or industry. We are currently working in healthcare, biomedical applications, and biometrics.

Taking advantage of Synx’s cutting edge platform and our expert team of engineers and data scientists, we help companies to pour their business knowledge into powerful and intelligent tools that help them to take better decisions and achieve breakthrough results.

Meet The Team

Synx is powered by a talented team of scientist with a proven expertise, from former university professors and researchers (UNAM, ITAM & ITESO) with a scientific background, to top-tier engineers and data scientist who built the technical and data foundations of many successful companies (Linio & Kueski) and other world-class IT companies (HP Labs, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, MediaCom).

Our science and engineering team seamlessly integrate with companies to help them to solve their biggest data problems where visual data is involved; providing access to technology, high-performance processing, and a committed team eager to help, from conception to back-end and infrastructure development.


Synx is backed by Genesis Capital Ventures, BlueBox Ventures and Angel Ventures Mexico, a graduate of Startup Chile, currently part of the Hackers/Founders Co-op program in Mexico.